Wednesday, January 20, 2010

December Adventures!!!!

I am finally posting about all our fun activities we did during the Christmas holidays. We went to go see Santa this year at Cabellas and Cade was so excited to tell Santa what he wanted(Gordon the train), Jake on the other hand didn't like Santa so Drew had to get in the picture with him. For Christmas Eve we had several families over to our house and enjoyed a wonderful dinner and then did the Christmas play. Cade was a wiseman and Jake was the donkey. After the play each family decorated a gingerbread house. After everyone left the boys got to open a present, which was disney car pj's with car sleepers. Overall we had a great Christmas.

After a wonderful Christmas, the kids and I headed over to my parents cabin in WY. Drew had to stay and work (we sure missed him). My parents, Jordyn, Devon and her two kids, and Brad and Katie were all there. We all had such a good time together. We went snowmobiling, sledding, played in the snow and just hung out.

We left the cabin on New Years Day and all drove over to Twin Falls to go see my Grandma Kuykendall.

After Twin Falls, Devon and her two kids came to my house. We had such a good time. The kids had so much fun with eachother.

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DHFarnsworth said...

Hi Drew and Autumn,
It was so fun hearing from you, and checking out your blog. Time flies, doesn't it? Great looking at your pictures.